Living well means taking care of your spine.

Maintaining great health means being able to adapt to your ever-changing environment. It all comes down to taking care of your nervous system. Your brain is constantly sending and receiving millions of messages to and from the rest of the body, through your spinal cord. Your spine serves as a structural element of your skeletal system, but it also acts as protection for this communication pathway. When your spine has a misalignment, this highway of communication is disrupted, and your organs, cells and muscles are not receiving the information they need to function properly. You can imagine the impact: your body is not at its optimum level; you may even experience pain.

Just like anyone with teeth should get regular dental checkups, anyone with a spine - and that’s everyone! - should be regularly checked for spinal misalignments.

See our dkb chiropractor. Dr. Brent Penner will keep your body in a healthy optimal state by correcting structural imbalances and misalignments, primarily in the spine. You will receive effective, lasting relief from injuries, aches and pains, without having to rely on drugs or surgery. Your physical structure and posture will improve. Your whole body will feel revitalized.

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