Book a chiropractic consultation with dkb chiropractor, Dr. Brent. He will spend time discussing your current health concerns and any significant information you have recorded on your health forms.

The purpose of this consultation is not only to ensure our studio can help you, it also identifies your health and wellness goals, an essential step to tailoring a program specifically for you.

Following the consultation, Dr. Brent will explain your examination process which may include postural assessments, spinal and muscular testing, as well as any specific functional testing the doctor thinks is necessary. X-rays will only be recommended if they are absolutely necessary. Your examination will determine the exact source of your health concerns and identify any other areas of concern to your physical health.

Dr. Brent will make recommendations based on the examination findings and explain the treatment plan appropriate for your specific condition. Treatment procedures, the number of treatments, and the associated costs will all be discussed at this time as well as any further questions you may have.

Request an appointment with Dr. Brent.