Great news! We have outgrown the vision of DKB Wellness (we surpassed our wildet dreams) and decided to retire the brand of DKB Wellness and start 2 independent companies with their own specific focus - DK Leadership & Danforth Family Chiropractic! We are still at the same location - but have expanded the space to accommodate growth.

DK Leadership

For information about Dr. Karyn Gordon's counseling practices with her associates, leadership events, speaking tours and media - please visit our NEW website: www.dkleadership.org

Danforth Family Chiropractic

For information about Dr. Brent Penner's NEW chiropractic office Danforth Family Chiropractic - his new website will be completed soon at: www.danforthfamilychiropractic.com

For now, you can still find information about Dr. Penner's office hours, services offered, and other contact info here - just keep reading below!


Our office is located in the Upper Beaches, on Danforth Avenue just east of Woodbine, near Woodbine Subway.

2175 Danforth Ave
Toronto, ON M4C 1K4

416.691.3939 (tel)

Office Hours:
(by appointment only)

Dr. Brent Penner, Chiropractor

Monday          7:00am-10:00am           3:30pm-6:00pm
Tuesday         7:00am-10:00am           3:30pm-6:30pm
Wednesday  Doctor's Reports Only   4:00pm-6:30pm
Thursday       7:00am-10:00am           3:30pm-6:30pm
Friday, Saturday, Sunday closed